• FortOne will make your Samsung device attacks-proof

What is FortOne?

Multi Protection Procedures

FortOne is an on-premises / on-device solution designed to secure Samsung devices on the highest level where the device is attack-proof. FortOne includes a combination of different static and dynamic system procedures which are seamlessly connected to provide a complete synergy end-to-end security solution, and at the same time provide the best possible user experience.

Unique Propriety Technology

FortOne is a unique propriety technology. It is based on years of hands-on mobile cyber security experience, of confronting attacks from lowest to highest risk levels, and providing protection for endpoints and data in the enterprise and security worlds. The experience gained in these years, combined with up-to-date field knowledge of end-user experience, helped us design a holistic protection doctrine for our engineers and analysts.

Include AI and ML

FortOne's design approach is based on a core structure of different mechanisms including AI and machine learning procedures. In order to eliminate attacks on endpoint interfaces FortOne maps the devices’ interfaces and establishes defense mechanisms for each of them. Usually, several different mechanisms will be established for each interface, using static, dynamic and behavioral related mechanisms.

Action-based Auto Response

FortOne uses real-time data to erect the most effective defense mechanisms on the go and everywhere. It requires no other interface or mechanism to supply overall protection. Data is collected and securely sent back to its unique server at the organization, for further analysis and archiving (optional).

Strongest Synergy

This state-of-the-art technology utilizes hardware components of all device vendors (Google and Samsung) along with newly designed components and methods, creating a strong synergy between FortOne’s components which results in a holistic defense solution for both data and device.

Hardware + Software Defense

The combination of hardware and software defense procedures creates a completely secure device with a number of defense levels to allow the best UI and UX along with the highest level of security.

Under the hood

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