Aspis SecureGateway

  • SecuteGateway - Manage and Control uploaded attachments from users' end points

Why Choose Aspis

Improve the Security, gain Data Control and increase UX capabilities

Fast Processing

Designed on a fast data Pipeline & Flow architecture based on poswerful multi-thread engines and procedures.

Unique Protection Flow

Server based contol mechanism integrated with powerful scanning systems prevents risks and attacks from uploaded attachments.

ActiveSync Data Filtering

Allows ActiveSync protocol data publishing for different users based on Exchange server components and services.

Modular Pricing

The pricing is based on the nature of the required service, the number of domains and the number of users.

Cross Platform Support

Aspis is a server based system and insure support for all popular end points' operating systems (Windows, Android and iOS).

Flexible Integration

For protection and scanning processes Aspis run an integrated engines with many 3rd party protection systems.

Under the hood

Download and learn about Aspis SecureGateway, a unique solution for uploaded attachments control and scanning

Aspis SecureGateway DataSheet

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Aspis SecureGateway White Paper

System Overview
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