What We Offer

One provider for all technical needs

We provide solutions, consultation, technical service, technical guidance and application development for mobile communications systems and for all smartphone operating systems. Among our products you will find a variety of Security products, Control & Monitoring products, Server-Side developments, Smart applications for businesses and a wide range of unique technological projects related to the mobility enterprise. TMG offers a broad line of advanced products and solutions to the world of tablets and smartphones.

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What You Will Receive

Strategically thinking we chose not to represent one specific product for each domain but to offer a number of leading products in every area.
This approach allows to provide:

  • Enhanced Quality Products adjustment
  • Powerful partners for best integration
  • Highest level technical support & training
  • End-to-End solution from one provider

Our Advantages

One stop enterprise technology shop

Our service include technical consultancy & analysis, project management, integration, technical support, maintenance, trainings and guidance.

highly experienced and certified team

Our highly experienced and certified team validate all solutions we provide. We believe in building relationships with our customers and providers to assure a successful project.

360° service for powerful technical support

We are running a unique and comprehensive technical support using a variety of 3rd party software, tutorials and workshops for all mobility needs in the organization.

Wide & high-quality product line

Our wide product line allow company consultants and customers the flexibility to match the product that suits their exact needs and requirements.