About Us

About TMG Solutions

TMG is a leading company in the service and organizational development world. We provide solutions, consultation, technical service, technical guidance and application development for mobile communications systems and for all smartphone operating systems. While dealing with professional challenges in the enterprise world, our customers are always our top priority, and we make sure to provide efficient and quality service. Our customers include security organizations, financial institutions, hi – tech companies, manufacturing plants, public sector organizations and many more ...

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Why Us

  • Focus on service

    Our driving force is a well trained team with extensive experience in the technology field in general and in the organizational mobile domain in particular.

  • Enhanced Quality Products

    Strategically thinking we chose not to represent one specific product for each domain but to offer a number of leading products in every area. This is in order to enable company consultants the flexibility to match the customers with the product that suits their exact needs and requirements and for the customers to find the optimal solutions.

  • Powerful partners

    Our technology eco-system requires a diverse array of partners providing technology, services and community. We are working with our partners to support customers around all aspects.


Providing 360° service

Our mission is to provide an end to end solutions to our customers.

  • Finding the most accurate product
  • Installing & implementing
  • Providing technical training
  • Providing technical support

We are running a unique and comprehensive technical support using a variety of 3rd party software, technical service, tutorials and workshops for all mobility needs in the organization.

Our product line

Mobile solutions

  • MDM/EMM systems
  • Mobile security systems
  • Mobile remote care
  • Mobile app systems

End compute

  • VDI systems
  • IT assets management
  • Remote control
  • MDM systems


  • Active protection
  • Documents security
  • Secure voice & text
  • Mobile data security


  • IT assets management
  • Connectivity acceleration
  • Documents management
  • More...

Our Vision

  • Tecnologies up-to-date

    Working with the market leaders partners assure we are always up to date with the latest technologies and updates.

  • Keeping our customers on top priority

    While dealing with professional challenges and requirements in the mobility for enterprises, our customers are always our top priority, and we make sure to provide efficient and quality service.

  • Being an End-Front provider

    An important part of our every day work as front-end technology provider is keeping up to date and staying close to new systems, technologies, trends and workflows.